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Snowed In

Monday was spent….

looking out my window at this

eating things like this

and hanging out with cool people like this

I wished my Sunday hadn’t been so lazy. It made for a very difficult day stuck inside. I would have happily laid around on the couch and watched a movie, but I did that the day before and a girl can only do so much laying around.  Instead, I was left wishing I could be out and about shopping and drinking coffee. Oh well. I’m not going to complain about a work-free Monday.

Today was back to work. Sighhhh. Surprisingly, it was a very calm day. Not what you expect when you miss a day at a physician’s office. People don’t stop getting sick just because of snow. None the less, very calm.

I am thankful for my day today. Smooth as butta.

What are you thankful for today?


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Lazy Sunday

Yep. Today has been sooo lazy! After consuming my usually 2 cups of joe, I hit the kitchen for oatmeal! I was feelin’ crazy this morning and strayed from my normal smoothie.

In my bowl: 1/3 cup oatbran, 2 tbps cinnamon (I looovvvee cinnamon), 1 1/4 cup water, 1 tsp baking soda stirred in at the end. Once pipping hot, I hit up the center of my bowl with 1 spoonful cashew butter and another spoonful of homemade carob-pecan butter. And then I continued to eat the carob-pecan butter straight from the jar.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also consumed a bowl of banana soft serve drizzled with chocolate-coconut butter and a dollop of raspberry jam. Yeahhhh, it was that kind of morning.

All together

After this filling feast, I headed to the 11 o’clock service at church. Normally I like to go Saturday evenings but because of last night’s shenanigans, I didn’t make it.

When I made it to the gym after church, I headed to the locker room only to find out the boots I had borrowed from my sister were IMPOSSIBLE to get off! I struggled a bit and then decided I was too embarrassed and moved into a dressing room. There, I proceeded to pull and tug on boots trying to unzip the zipper. No luck. 5 minutes after I walked in, I walked back out. Failure.

(Yes, later I was able to unzip them with my sister’s guidance)

The rest of my day was spent at Whole Food’s where I walked out with $38 dollars worth of free groceries. The self check out machine went crazy and the cashier said I could just go. It was sweeettt!

Now I’m at home bundled up with this sitting in front of me

There’s more where that came from.

I don’t see much in my near future. Getting all my rest in before the crazy (and final!) work week begins. Farewell!

Do you have any embarrassing gym locker room stories?

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There’s a Winter Storm Watch effective until Monday morning at 6pm here in Nashville. There’s a whole 2.6 inches of snow coming our way! Watch out!

I was raised in Chicago. Us Northerners know 2.6 inches of snow is nothing! We could get 14 inches of snow and school still wouldn’t be canceled growing up. But, here in Nashville they’re just not as prepared. So even though the amount we’re getting makes me laugh (the warning was put out when we were expected 1 inch), I will say – people don’t know how to drive in snow down here making it pretty darn dangerous. And, why would I complain if work was canceled on Monday!

Saturday: I got all dressed up and headed out on the job hunt. I also consumed 2 errrr 3 cups too many of coffee. I guess with the cold weather, I couldn’t get enough.

(A dash of cinnamon. And no, I don’t usually drink my coffee black but after 4 cups I made the switch)

Part of the morning was also spent at Panera on my laptop searching for jobs. What? It still counts.

After Panera, I headed to Target to see if I couldn’t find some dress pants. For Christmas, I got 2 gift cards to Target and can you believe – I’ve been there 3 times since and still haven’t bought a thing! What the heck? I never go into Target and walk out empty handed. I don’t know what’s going on? No well-fitted dress pants to be found.

I came home and made a quick and delicious lunch. I sauteed 1/3 of an eggplant and 6 large mushrooms in flaxseed oil (so many uses!) and later added 4 cups of kale, garlic and a splash of water for steaming purposes.  10 short minutes later,  lunch was served alongside some baba ganoush I bought at Whole Foods for $1.50 (!!).

Right after lunch, we had company over. Our friends were shooting a promotional video in the basement for their album release party coming up. It was so much fun and it turned out so well!

By the way: I live with my sister and brother-in-law

The rest of the night was spent lounging on the couch, holding sweet little 3 week old Hazel (a friend’s daughter) for hours on end. We ate, watched a movie and sat by the fire.

What a wonderful Saturday it was!

Today: So far, I haven’t done a thing! I’m still in my pajamas, in bed surfing the internet.

Future plans: None.

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Half Days!!

Today was my half day yeah, yeah, yeah! Can you tell how happy I am?

Some times I spend my half days being very lazy and others very productive. Very rarely do I do a mix or both. In my mind, I either want to spend my extra 4 hours doing absolutely nothing – that way, I really feel like I’m getting a break or I want to spend it getting everything done that I’ve been putting off.

Today, was a productive Wednesday. I had lots of errands to run and job searching to do. I munched on this while out and about

Nom, nom nom!

(Food brings me so much joy it’s pathetic! I’m smiling as I think about how delicious that snack is. Ha!)

On the job front – It’s going well. Earlier in the week, I accepted a position as Assistant Instructor at a cooking school here in Nashville. It’s only 5-15 hours a week but it’s awesome experience.

Me = loves to cook

Me also = self taught cook.

Thus, getting to work under a chef every week is going to be a huge learning experience and, it may even open up some more doors. So, I’m pumped!

Obviously, I need more full time employment on top of this position. I don’t have my thoughts totally together yet, so I don’t want to share too many details about my plans because honestly, they could change tomorrow.

Still no doubts in my mind about quitting my job and going after my dreams!

What are you dreams? I guess I haven’t really shared with you what exactly mine are. I will, I promise!

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Current Obsession

One word – Netflix.

Gah! How did I ever live without it?!

The great things about netflix is, yes you get a movie in the mail BUT you have unlimited access to their online database!

Now, they don’t offer all the newest releases online but who cares! You can get those in the mail. This way, you can spend countless number of hours wasting your life away watching the old classics! It’s perfect!

Okay…so I may have a slight problem. I may or may not be spending a large amount of my nights and weekends watching movies’s a phase right? And, it’s winter. It’s not like I could be outside enjoying the weather. So, I fully admit to my obsession and I think it is totally justifiable.

Eats today were, a giant green smoothie (as always). In the mix, a spoonful of each of these lovely guys:

They keep me strong!

It was a pretty basic Tessa-style smoothie – 1/2 cantaloupe and spinach. Todays’ was topped with Peanut Butter Puff’s, coconut butter, honey and some dried cranberries. Of course, finger licking good!

For lunch I had a giant salad topped with a cold asian noodle salad. (I’m working on taking pictures people) Anddd for dinner mashed cauliflower topped with roasted veggies smothered in marinara sauce accompanied by a small glass of red wine. It hit the spot.

Now I will watch this


When Harry Met Sally folks!

Sleep tight!

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So what else is new?

Earlier, I mentioned having one last new announcement.

Here it goes,

the big news…

I know,

you can’t hardly wait…

Today, I put my two weeks notice in. It feels good!

Working as a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant in the western medicine field has been eye opening to say the least. This experience has only further pursuaded my viewpoint on the importance of taking care of our bodies through nutrition and exercise.

Life lesson learned: Stay active. Eat wholesome food. It will make the biggest difference in your life and happiness. Trust me, you don’t want to be on a long list of meds. Not fun.

Life lesson applied: 25 minutes in the sauna after work (goodbye toxins!) and for dinner, a giant salad with a bowl of tomato, arugula soup topped with goat’s cheese. Yummy, yummy goat’s cheese.

Sorry, no soup photos.

That’s all for now folks. More on my future plans later. Goodnight!


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With the New Year comes…

Lots of other new things!

For starters, I got an iphone!  It’s about stinkin time! I was still rockin’ a nokia somethin-or-other. It looked something like this

It didn’t even have internet on it.

…it was time, it was time.

Also new,

my attitude! I know that sounds dumb but went the clock struck midnight on New Years Day, a whole new me came out. Look out world! I’m ready to take on anything!

Last thing to hit the new list

you’ll just have to wait around until later today to find out. But it’s new and it’s BIG! Any guesses??

Have a lovely day! I’ll clue you in tonight!

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