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Lazy Sunday

Yep. Today has been sooo lazy! After consuming my usually 2 cups of joe, I hit the kitchen for oatmeal! I was feelin’ crazy this morning and strayed from my normal smoothie.

In my bowl: 1/3 cup oatbran, 2 tbps cinnamon (I looovvvee cinnamon), 1 1/4 cup water, 1 tsp baking soda stirred in at the end. Once pipping hot, I hit up the center of my bowl with 1 spoonful cashew butter and another spoonful of homemade carob-pecan butter. And then I continued to eat the carob-pecan butter straight from the jar.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also consumed a bowl of banana soft serve drizzled with chocolate-coconut butter and a dollop of raspberry jam. Yeahhhh, it was that kind of morning.

All together

After this filling feast, I headed to the 11 o’clock service at church. Normally I like to go Saturday evenings but because of last night’s shenanigans, I didn’t make it.

When I made it to the gym after church, I headed to the locker room only to find out the boots I had borrowed from my sister were IMPOSSIBLE to get off! I struggled a bit and then decided I was too embarrassed and moved into a dressing room. There, I proceeded to pull and tug on boots trying to unzip the zipper. No luck. 5 minutes after I walked in, I walked back out. Failure.

(Yes, later I was able to unzip them with my sister’s guidance)

The rest of my day was spent at Whole Food’s where I walked out with $38 dollars worth of free groceries. The self check out machine went crazy and the cashier said I could just go. It was sweeettt!

Now I’m at home bundled up with this sitting in front of me

There’s more where that came from.

I don’t see much in my near future. Getting all my rest in before the crazy (and final!) work week begins. Farewell!

Do you have any embarrassing gym locker room stories?


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Current Obsession

One word – Netflix.

Gah! How did I ever live without it?!

The great things about netflix is, yes you get a movie in the mail BUT you have unlimited access to their online database!

Now, they don’t offer all the newest releases online but who cares! You can get those in the mail. This way, you can spend countless number of hours wasting your life away watching the old classics! It’s perfect!

Okay…so I may have a slight problem. I may or may not be spending a large amount of my nights and weekends watching movies’s a phase right? And, it’s winter. It’s not like I could be outside enjoying the weather. So, I fully admit to my obsession and I think it is totally justifiable.

Eats today were, a giant green smoothie (as always). In the mix, a spoonful of each of these lovely guys:

They keep me strong!

It was a pretty basic Tessa-style smoothie – 1/2 cantaloupe and spinach. Todays’ was topped with Peanut Butter Puff’s, coconut butter, honey and some dried cranberries. Of course, finger licking good!

For lunch I had a giant salad topped with a cold asian noodle salad. (I’m working on taking pictures people) Anddd for dinner mashed cauliflower topped with roasted veggies smothered in marinara sauce accompanied by a small glass of red wine. It hit the spot.

Now I will watch this


When Harry Met Sally folks!

Sleep tight!

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Smoothie Love

I just can’t help myself!

It could be negative 20 degrees outsides and I will still be craving a cold, silky smoothie. And I will a make a smoothie, and eat a smoothie even when the temperatures do hit negative 20.

….it’s not likely to get that cold here in Nashville Thank you Jesus! – I’m a Chicago born girl. Cold weather and I are no longer friends

Like I’ve mentioned before, I always start with a green – either kale or spinach.

Why you ask?

These bad boys are packed with Vitamin K, Vitamin C, beta carotene, Vitamin A and iron(!!!) Hello immune buster!

In short, they keep your body strong and able to fight off illness like the common cold. They’re even proven to help fight cancer.

Back to smoothie making

I pack my blender with 4 cups of greens, usually add a couple slices of zucchini squash because I think it helps make my smoothie extra smooooth. I also put in whatever super powders I’m feeling for the day (more on that later).  Next up, some form of liquid. I usually just use water. Toss in a couple of ice cups for good measure and blend away! I like to blend my greens up first to really break them down. Trust me, a chunky green smoothie will not be appealing to anyone!

After my greens have been pulverized, I add in my fruit! Lately that’s been pears, cantaloupe or honeydew!

Get creative! In today’s morning smoothie, I added fresh mint! YUMMmm.

Once my smoothie is well blended, I pour it into a bowl (usually) and top it with any of the following:

  • Honey
  • Almond Butteror nut butter of choice
  • Coconut Butter
  • Cereal
  • Granola
  • Nuts
  • Dried Fruit

Consume. With a spoon. In your bed. Under many layers of covers. With a cup of coffee.

You just can’t go wrong my friends. Start adding a green smoothie to your weekly routine and I promise you’ll start noticing an extreme energy boost!


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Morning Meeting

Rise and shine!

I’m about to head out the door for a 7am meeting at work. Is it just me or do all work related meetings fall in the same two weeks and then there will be nothing for the next two months? Oh well!

You know what going to work early means? It means going into work when it’s dark and coming out when it’s dark. And when it’s dark when I get done, all I want to do is skip the gym, go straight home and put my pj’s on.

I think I see many more at home video workouts in my near future.

Eats this morning were mouth watering.

A strong cup a coffee was a must.



For a good 7 months straight, I ate oatmeal every single, solitary morning. Finally in August, I made the switch to smoothies. I’m definitely a creature of habit and when it comes to breakfast, my eats are pretty boring.

This bowl consisted of:

  • 1/3 cup oatbran
  • 1 c water
  • roughly 1 tbsp flax meal
  • tons of cinnamon
  • dash of nutmeg
  • 2 heaping tbsp of Trader Joe’s Raw Unsalted Almond Butter
  • 1 tbsp Artisan Raw Coconut Butter
  • 1/2 tbsp Cashew Butter
  • 1/2 granny smith apple

(I reeeeally like nut butters in my oats. Can you tell?)

chop, chop, chop

I was too excited about eating, I forgot to take a picture. But I did take a picture of this

I swear I’m the only one whose oatmeal bowls look so nasty when the oats are gone. I just don’t get it?

My only hope is that it holds me over for the extra hour I have between breakfast and lunch. Fingers crossed!


p.s. I don’t know what it is about this week, but all the sudden it really feels like Christmas! I’m in love!

Does it feel like Christmas where you live?

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Coconut Melon Smoothie

It’s a coco-nutty-honey-dewey smoothie!

It all started with this

Before today I had never tackled a whole coconut! I’d always pass them up at the grocery store because they seemed too intimidating. I will admit, it took me a good 10 minutes to break into it but once I found the right knife it was easy! I scrapped the meat into my blender, dumped in all the juice, added 1/2 honeydew melon and blended away.

I couldn’t resist drinking the fresh coconut water.

99% of my morning smoothies either have kale or spinach as their base, but today I opted against that. I only have kale in the fridge and I feared it might over power the delicate coconut. However, after tasting and seeing my light green smoothie in a bowl I decided to stir in some spirulina and calcium powder. On top, I sprinkled it with a few hemp seeds and Gorilla Munch I bought on sale last week.

T’was truly outstanding!

Around noon, I figured I should probably get out of my pajamas so, I went a short jog around the neighborhood and took the pooch on a walk. I just got back from the grocery store where I picked up a couple things for my plans later on. Let’s just say this little guy is my inspiration.

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Early to Rise

I’m a morning person. I absolutely love the mornings. It’s the best time of day to get some serious business done. No distractions.

Every morning, I do the same thing

Wake up. Press brew. Prep hair and makeup for the day. Pour my first cup of coffee. Crawl back into bed. Enjoy first cup of coffee while reading my bible, researching, journaling or browsing the web. When my coffee gets low, head back to the kitchen. Make breakfast. Grab my second cup of coffee. Eat breakfast. Get dressed and head out the door for work.

Today is Sunday! That means, NO HEADING OUT THE DOOR FOR WORK!!! I fully plan on lounging around in my pajamas all morning long! There’s nothing like snuggling under a blanket on the couch, popping in a classic movie, enjoying my coffee and catching up on my favorite blogs.

Today’s choice of movie:

But first…

Another cup of coffee please!

Oh frothy goodness

Future plans: A coconut smoothie perhaps? It will be my first!

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