There’s a Winter Storm Watch effective until Monday morning at 6pm here in Nashville. There’s a whole 2.6 inches of snow coming our way! Watch out!

I was raised in Chicago. Us Northerners know 2.6 inches of snow is nothing! We could get 14 inches of snow and school still wouldn’t be canceled growing up. But, here in Nashville they’re just not as prepared. So even though the amount we’re getting makes me laugh (the warning was put out when we were expected 1 inch), I will say – people don’t know how to drive in snow down here making it pretty darn dangerous. And, why would I complain if work was canceled on Monday!

Saturday: I got all dressed up and headed out on the job hunt. I also consumed 2 errrr 3 cups too many of coffee. I guess with the cold weather, I couldn’t get enough.

(A dash of cinnamon. And no, I don’t usually drink my coffee black but after 4 cups I made the switch)

Part of the morning was also spent at Panera on my laptop searching for jobs. What? It still counts.

After Panera, I headed to Target to see if I couldn’t find some dress pants. For Christmas, I got 2 gift cards to Target and can you believe – I’ve been there 3 times since and still haven’t bought a thing! What the heck? I never go into Target and walk out empty handed. I don’t know what’s going on? No well-fitted dress pants to be found.

I came home and made a quick and delicious lunch. I sauteed 1/3 of an eggplant and 6 large mushrooms in flaxseed oil (so many uses!) and later added 4 cups of kale, garlic and a splash of water for steaming purposes.  10 short minutes later,  lunch was served alongside some baba ganoush I bought at Whole Foods for $1.50 (!!).

Right after lunch, we had company over. Our friends were shooting a promotional video in the basement for their album release party coming up. It was so much fun and it turned out so well!

By the way: I live with my sister and brother-in-law

The rest of the night was spent lounging on the couch, holding sweet little 3 week old Hazel (a friend’s daughter) for hours on end. We ate, watched a movie and sat by the fire.

What a wonderful Saturday it was!

Today: So far, I haven’t done a thing! I’m still in my pajamas, in bed surfing the internet.

Future plans: None.


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