Half Days!!

Today was my half day yeah, yeah, yeah! Can you tell how happy I am?

Some times I spend my half days being very lazy and others very productive. Very rarely do I do a mix or both. In my mind, I either want to spend my extra 4 hours doing absolutely nothing – that way, I really feel like I’m getting a break or I want to spend it getting everything done that I’ve been putting off.

Today, was a productive Wednesday. I had lots of errands to run and job searching to do. I munched on this while out and about

Nom, nom nom!

(Food brings me so much joy it’s pathetic! I’m smiling as I think about how delicious that snack is. Ha!)

On the job front – It’s going well. Earlier in the week, I accepted a position as Assistant Instructor at a cooking school here in Nashville. It’s only 5-15 hours a week but it’s awesome experience.

Me = loves to cook

Me also = self taught cook.

Thus, getting to work under a chef every week is going to be a huge learning experience and, it may even open up some more doors. So, I’m pumped!

Obviously, I need more full time employment on top of this position. I don’t have my thoughts totally together yet, so I don’t want to share too many details about my plans because honestly, they could change tomorrow.

Still no doubts in my mind about quitting my job and going after my dreams!

What are you dreams? I guess I haven’t really shared with you what exactly mine are. I will, I promise!


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