So what else is new?

Earlier, I mentioned having one last new announcement.

Here it goes,

the big news…

I know,

you can’t hardly wait…

Today, I put my two weeks notice in. It feels good!

Working as a Nationally Certified Medical Assistant in the western medicine field has been eye opening to say the least. This experience has only further pursuaded my viewpoint on the importance of taking care of our bodies through nutrition and exercise.

Life lesson learned: Stay active. Eat wholesome food. It will make the biggest difference in your life and happiness. Trust me, you don’t want to be on a long list of meds. Not fun.

Life lesson applied: 25 minutes in the sauna after work (goodbye toxins!) and for dinner, a giant salad with a bowl of tomato, arugula soup topped with goat’s cheese. Yummy, yummy goat’s cheese.

Sorry, no soup photos.

That’s all for now folks. More on my future plans later. Goodnight!



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One response to “So what else is new?

  1. Congrats-it’s always exciting news!!!!!

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