Bursting at the Seams!

That’s how I feel! Like I’m just about to BURST!

So far, my posts have been about my eats and a little bit about my life. As much as I want those things to be a part of this blog, I created Happy Food Happy Body to go beyond that. I imagine it being an outlet to share with you my ongoing passion to learn everything there is to know about obtaining optimal health holistically.


To share the inside scoop on topics such as protein, amino acids, fats, raw food enzymes and carbohydrates to name a few.

I also want to touch on topics like…

  1. The connection between a positive train of thought and a fulfilling life
  2. Why yoyo diets are just that – a yoyo of extreme highs and extreme lows
  3. The not-so-obvious benefits you’ll see in your life through taking control of your health

Truth is, I’m too dang excited to talk about everything I just don’t know where to start! What’s a girl to do?

Let’s start with the refreshing our outlook

Fact: (Dwight…from The Office…anyone?)anyways…

Fact: Putting your health first does not mean putting every thing else second!

It means, swapping out a few ingredients in the fridge or waking up a 10 minutes earlier to clear your head and enjoy …whatever it is that makes you happy!

Little changes add up over time.

Little changes stick.

There’s no quick fix my friends. And I mean that in regards to weight, self-esteem, attitude, your job, your family, your _________ (you fill in the blank).

So here’s my refreshed outlook…

The Old Outlook –

Work has been a pain in my booty this week. I blame it on the early morning meeting we had on Tuesday.

The Lie –

Work has not been bad because of the meeting. It’s been bad because of my attitude.

The New Outlook – Work today and Friday will be wonderful because every day I am blessed to have a job and I am blessed to work with a team of people I sincerely can’t say a bad thing about!

What in your life needs a refreshed outlook? It could be a small change like mine or something bigger that effects you on a deeper level.


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