The Inside Scoop

I’ve been an avid watcher of Food Network since I was 10.

I’m a homebody. I would pick staying home over going out any day of the week.

My hair has been every shade of blonde, every shade of brown and a few shades of red. And once, it was black – by accident, and it was horrible.

Current shade – natural 🙂

Starting late October, I have worn long underwear every single day.

I once lived in a 3 bedroom house with 14 other people.

As of late, I’m obsessed with roasted winter squash and avocado.

Not only do I wear long underwear every day, but I also carry a heating pad around with me constantly while I’m at home.

I believe Saturday mornings were made specifically for coffee and movies…and sisters.

(…we’re angels)

I sleep with my socks on.

Speaking of sleep…


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